Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday the 10th

It's 10:20am, one of our team just fell 30 feet by being pushed over by a donkey team. She has fallen and hurt her back. The seven of us that are in the front of the team got the message by phone from the Sherpa behind us. A stretcher is being put together as two doctors went back to look at the situation. Right now, either a horse or a helicopter is being talked about as a possibility to get her out. Or we will carry her out.

We are told to walk closer to the wall when you see yaks or donkeys approaching because they are not aware that they are pushing you over the edge with their load. Thank goodness she wasn't on one of the many exposed cliffs we have crossed; she is lucky to be alive. We don't know much more than she fell, and her back hurts. We have four hours to go.

It's 2:05 pm, we had to helicopter out our second team member, I rode with her which is my first helicopter ride; and it had to be in the Himalayas wouldn't you know it. Alena is a good friend of mine, so I said I would go to the hospital in Lukla with her with her. All my gear is on the mountain, the Sherpas are going to bring it to me on the hike down. The view from the front seat of the helicopter is amazing and scary at the same time because the wind blows the helicopter around in the mountains pretty good, I'm sitting in the front seat next to the pilot, while Alena is lying down in the back of the helicopter on a make shift stretcher on the way go Lukla. Its definite now, Alena has fractured a disc, she will have to be choppered out to Kathmandu and may have to stay here in Nepal up to three weeks. Apparently Alena fractured her vertebrae in the fall, a compression fracture that will require surgery. I was supposed to go to Kathmandu with Alena by helicopter again, they told me that it was too windy to fly, that we would have to go the next day so I went to the tea house to see if my pack arrived so I could take a shower and go back to the hospital. By the time I made it to the Tea House, a Sherpa comes running almost out of breathe, "Glen, Glen, we go now!" I drop everything and we both run to the helicopter pad and as we turn the corner, the helicopter is beginning to lift off with Alena inside on a stretcher being taken to Kathmandu. The poor Sherpa is now really breathing hard After trying to chase me down and then running back to the helicopter pad.

Thank goodness we are trekking with all these doctors, things could have been so much worst.

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