Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday April 7th tough decisions

Half of our team has gotten sick, and one is being helicoptered out to Kathmandu, he can no longer make the trip back home, we are currently in Gorakshae awaiting the helicopter.

All night we slept with the sounds of several avalanches near by, they sound like thunder rolling by. Our camp site is on top of ice, the whole place is what they call an Ice Fall Area.

This is a harsh and unforgiving environment. I have had in the last few days mild headaches which I rarely get, and now have a Kumbu Cough that left me with two hours of sleep last night. Its a dry cough some people catch at high altitude. Thank goodness I'm with the medical team, they have every kind of drug you would need on this trek. One of our members is now being administered oxygen, the same one that is being chop feed out of here.

We left Base Camp at 8 am, but had to be up at 6:15 am to have breakfast and pack so the yak team can carry our bags to the next stopping place. Today's trek is between 8-9 hours. We are exhausted.

It's 1:47pm now, we've been hiking non-stop without lunch. I've seen a couple of
Knees buckle from time to time, as welll as my own over some of the rough terrain. The look on people's faces when we stop to rest says it all, "when will this be over?" One of our colleagues was heard saying, "I can't keep this up."

Just arrived in Pheriche, first time in several days we have been able to communicate, long day.

Pictures below are of the front of the Base Camp area, the others are just a sample what the ice fall looks like, it's so cold, the rock has been on top of that ice stand for years. It snowed in our tent again, everything froze solid, woke up with ice on the eyebrows, not fun. Out hands are so cold, we can barely zip the zipper on your pants.

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