Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sensory Memory

As we've traveled together over the Nepali Landscape, what's the one or two sensory experiences (smell, touch, hearing, sight, experience or thought) you'll most likely not forget?

Yak dung everywhere
The smile on the Nepali children faces
"Garlic Soup!"
Burning bodies in the city of Kathmandu
Achieve 18,600 ft at Kalappattar
How pleasurable it was to see a toilet seat
Blankets on a bed
Negotiating with a vendor
Smell of Yak Cheese
The feel of the ice on the Khumbu ice fall
Ice crystals falling on my face in the morning at base camp
Hot showers
Ama Dablam from every possible angle
wandering in the Khumbu ice flow
The nauseating morning musky smell of the cooking over wooden/yak dung fires
Cold air in the tent at base camp stinging the nose
Ave Maria on Liz' iPhone on Easter Morning
Yak Bells
Tibetan Bread with honey
Juniper branches burning
The view if the Namache bazaar from up top
Watching an avalanche at base camp
The soft gentle lingering touch of Sherpa hands pushing my pack from behind up a steep hill
The sufficating smell of Sam's own brand in the tent

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