Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday April 8th tough day

Hiked again eight hours mostly up hill, I never complain, but I was hurting like everyone else. The Khumbu cough is getting better. A Yak got iLL carrying our gear that now require the porters to carry our gear on their backs 1800 feet up hill, we will be without our personal gear for over an hour. There are other Yaks part of our team, but having one down creates a chain effect.

The temperature is getting Better as we descend, but it's still below freezing as we
Sleep and trek. Our colleague that had to be helicoptered out is doing fine based on the report from Kathmandu.

We're hoping to get to Lukla, in two more days. Looks like I'm going to teach on the 11th something to do with leadership to the Doctors. I'm also planning on conducting the "Greatness Circle" for the team on the last day; requested by the Team Leader.

We are at a new place tonight, may be able to have a shower here. I had an experience today, I felt liked I got infused with a sense of self-esteem that was like what I imagine getting injected with saline solution when you're dehydrated must feel like. I've been with these doctors too long, my analogies are becoming technical and medical related.

This feeling of Self-esteem is like finding yourself and being acknowledged by your real self. This all took place while climbing up the mountain and almost out of breath with my heart almost beating out of my chest.

Sad news, a Sherpa died yesterday when he fell into a crevice while trying to set up ladders to cross the crevices. We saw the helicopter carrying the monks to the site to do a blessing. This is the first death of the season.

Pictures below are of me and soon to be Major CJ in the Scottish Army. CJ, is an emergency room doctor on our team. The demographics on our team is interesting,
all the doctors are under 35, except three, so the pranks are generational in nature.
There's a picture of me crossing the bridge suspended over a waterfall. The other picture is the doctors being themselves on the Khumbu Ice Fall. One more thing, three of us found the "Everest Extreme" Scientific Camp at Base Camp. Because the other two were physicians, they assumed I was and gave us a tour of the lab, which is a highly scientific area where the effects of altitude sickness is being studied.

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