Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life happens while you're doing...

I'm dedicating this accomplishment; Mt Everest Base Camp climb, to Jeffery Davis, my brother-in-law who passed away two days ago.

Life happens while we're doing..., sitting here at the Singapore Airport, I have time to reflect on the passing of a father, husband, brother, and son. I didn't try to make sense of it, how could I? But I know at times like this there's the pain of separation that has a life of its own, it never follows a predictable course, it is a part of the process, the protocol of losing a love one.

I've spent three weeks + on a mountain and thought it was so hard until I heard this evening about Jeff's passing; try leaving behind a son or daughter, a wife, sisters or brother, and a host of relationships you've made along the way, then maybe we can begin to talk about what's hard.

Yes, I climbed the mountain, but Jeff wrestled for years with an enemy that ravaged his young body and he continued to smile, and he continued to be the family man we're all glad to say we experienced and knew first hand. Jeff climbed a mountain, he summited life's highest peak, he lived a life that brought meaning and significance to his friends and family; Everest is suddenly not really that high.

Travel safely Jeff, the summit belongs to you buddy.


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  1. So sorry to hear about Jeff...A beautiful shot and a fitting summit picture for Jeff.

    We will be thinking of you, Debbie and the family in our gathering tomorrow morning. He has just stepped into more abundant life than any of us have ever imagined.

    Talk to you soon.