Saturday, April 13, 2013

Evening of the 13th

The last night in Kathmandu, Pizza Hut is where I walk to dinner and order spicy pizza bites and a blast for about $6.00. The streets are busy, but not as busy as they were the day before because today is Saturday, a holy day of worship. People generally don't work on this day, but they are out on the streets hanging out by the hundreds; families, singles, etc. This is a day where people eat out in restaurants and just hang out in the streets if the weather is good; today is no exception.

The streets are dusty because of the constant construction, reconstruction, and destruction of this city's infrastructure; dust is an everyday existence here.

I just returned, and have started to pack, and the bags are tight and stuffed to capacity, but I managed to force everything into the red North Face bag, and the remainder of my items into my carry on backpack. I left Las Vegas on the 22nd of March with my bag weighing 47 pounds, who knows what it weighs now.

The lights in the city just went out ad i was typing this, it's 6:49 PM, pretty standard for Kathmandu, this time I'm not out wandering the neighborhood trying to find my street in the darkness of the power deficient night.

My friend Alena will now have to spend at least the next eight days on her back in a hospital bed before her insurance company can transport her from here to Osaka, Japan to have surgery on her broken back. The thought of spending eight more days on your back waiting for a plane to be sent to evacuate you so you can go home to have a needed surgery at over $600.00 a day, is so daunting. The fear of ambiguity has at times overwhelmed her, and has brought out the best of the hospital staff at the same time to try to help her. This afternoon, a trekker came in from the mountain with his hands all bandaged in white, as I watched the receiving staff unwrap the wrappings off the Trekker's hands, I see the black coloration of the skin as it has been burned by frost bite. The trekker is calm, but his face shows the concern of a person who is wondering if the hands can be saved. I turn away to not bring additional attention to the black frost bitten flesh that has enveloped his inoperable hands at the moment.

I'll start my leave of this country at 8:15 am, where I'll be picked up to go one last time to the hospital to see my friend and encourage her to stay strong and trust the staff, for they really want to help her get home. I will most likely say a prayer with her before I begin the two day journey home on Singapore Airlines.

Some might say the journey is ending, I don't actually feel that way, the journey feels like it's beginning. It's time to go home and see my wife, she's been missed from the day that I left. I'll leave lots of things in Kathmandu, and will also take many things away.

I'll post a few more times as I travel home, I'm sure if I keep my eyes open, life will show me many more interesting opportunities to write about and use my camera.

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