Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 6th 1st night sleeping at Base Camp

The first night sleeping in a tent, it is 24 degrees in the tent, outside we have no idea yet, it's 6:30 am. Everything has frozen inside the tent, eye drops, baby wipes, I'm afraid my iPad my have frozen as well, I'm going to wait until the sun comes out to see if things have thawed out. It literally snowed in the tent, we woke up covered in snow crystals all over everything.

My water bottles in my pack started freezing on Kalapattar 18,560 ft up, I had to revert to my insulated bottle on the side of my pack. Now I have no water from my backpack water bladder until it thaws out.

The restroom facilities are adequate for outdoor facilities. The "No. 2" tent is on top of a glacier so I hope it doesn't get too warm while someone is using it or else they'll fall into a bottomless glacier pit😳
I don't think that will happen here, it's too cold.

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