Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 4th a cold night last night.

We slept last night in a meat locker. There is no heat in any of the rooms, so you sleep in your clothes, sleeping bag, and anything else. It's so cold, batteries for cameras will drain if you don't sleep with them in your sleeping bag. I sleep with my camera, iPhone, and batteries.

Breakfast this morning for me is porridge, scrambled eggs with honey mixed together, emm!

One of our party had to be left behind, he was feeling strong headaches, we hope he can catch up tomorrow, a Sherpa stayed behind after several of our doctor treated him. It's great to be with this team of doctors, they are characters, and there is joking all day long; some of it in medical terms, but you understand.

Since I've been in this trip, the locals thought I was Indian, someone thought I was Napoli, and last night while huddle around the single stove furnace, a woman thought my voice sounded like Tom Hanks. She said she was shocked when she realized I was Back, LOL, she was from Whales. So the joke on the team is that I'm many nationalities and should be able to move in and out of the cultures pretty easily.

We spotted Base Camp today for the first time at 11:40am, the feeling is overwhelming.

We arrived in Gorakshep where we're staying at 12:30pm. We had lunch, garlic soup, spaghetti, potatoes, and milk tea, pretty much the same thing for the last ten days.

Caught an avalanche today outside our camp, I've never seen one, the sound is powerful, and the speed is very fast. Pictures are on the other camera. The pictures below are of the memorial of all the climbers that have died climbing Everest. The other pictures are me on the trail to Gorakshep, a Sherpa traveling with with a load for the last six days,
It's a wonder these porters and Sherpas don't have back problems.

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