Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 3rd

We woke at 6:30am this morning to a bitterly cold room. Me and my roommate have our clothes hanging on hooks at the end of the two single beds in the room. Putting your pants on was like putting on ice-pants, or trousers as our British colleagues keep reminding us.

We leave Pheriche for Loboche which is another 6hr hike and another 700 meters of elevation climb. Everyone is very cold, we stop several times to layer up in clothes, hats and gloves to stay warm. Several members of our team are experiencing headaches as we ascend. We arrived in Loboche at 3:30pm. The rooms are spartan again, two twin beds in a 10 X 7 ft room, it's tight.

We passed several yak herds today, again you get out of their way, or else. During today's trek, we walked along an ice trail and had to cross several streams by boulder hopping; thank goodness no one fell in. Our military doctor Chris is feeling a little better, but still experiencing headaches.

We are now forced to eat, we are told one of the signs of HACE or HAPE (high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema), is lack of appetite. My appetite has been reduced considerably, but I'm forcing myself to eat.

None of us are looking forward to sleeping in cold beds below zero, most likely i'll sleep in my clothing including my jacket and hand warmers in my gloves.

It was so cold, didn't take one picture today; Hands would have froze at this altitude with the wind blowing like it has been, it's snowing now which may mean we hike in the snow if it continues in the morning.

We are two-three days away from Base Camp, we are getting excited even if its cold. No shower tonight, we think it's too cold for that. Here's a picture of the lodge called "The Mother Earth Inn."

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