Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 17th, Random pictures that didn't get shared along the way

 The day I arrived, two monks and I get our picture taken

 First group picture, a few people missing, we were headed off to tour Kathmandu
 The lead sherpa team, there were others, but this is the lead team that directed our journey
 Standing on the Khumbu Ice fall, most likely got sunburned here.
 We went to the Monkey Temple, literally  Monkey's practically run the place. You need to hold onto your personal items because they will grap and run.
 I watched this guy carve out a stone for a few minutes, he was so focused he never looked up from his work.
 This child was with his parents at one of our stops on the tour of the city.
 This woman was praying and lighting a candle during her prayer ceremony
 A family was cremating a loved one outside, there's a certain section of the city where this takes place almost everyday with several bodies laid upon the pyre to be cremated.

 This woman was sitting near a prayer place watching something taking place while she had a bowl and   beads next to her praying.
 A child with their North Face Jacket on.
 One of the many swinging bridges crossed during the day. On a windy day, these bridges would swing over the rapids as violently as the wind so desired.
 Keeper of the temple, he showed us the "Yeti Skull" which was locked up.
 Rising early morning with the mood still out, the mountains are still art, ready to be painted.
 The Avalanche that I caught by accident, I happened to be wandering and noticed the sound and the Sherpas from another group pointing; then I saw and heard.
 Closer view of the Avalanche.
 At Base Camp, forgot what I was feeling and or doing, but I posed for this picture anyway.

The runway to the second most dangerous place in the world to takeoff and land
 Another view of the runway
 The runway is a hill, it points towards the mountains and valley below. Once at the end of the runway, there is a drop-off; you don't want to find out anymore than that about.
 Closer view of the end of the runway
I don't know the name of this flower, but it struck me as beautiful, worth taking a picture of.

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