Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12th what's the plan?

Today is the first day since March 26th, I didn't have to get up early, pack so the porters and Sherpas could collect our bags to strap to the yaks, have a quick breakfast, fill the water bottles for the day, steri pen the water so I could drink it, then hoist a heavy pack on my back to trek 6-8 hours mostly up hill.

I met 4 colleagues for breakfast at 9am, they talked about what they had done last night, for I was at the hospital, then finally got a shower, had all my "yak smelling clothes sent to the laundry because the airlines would probably arrest me for the smell of yak that was emanating from all my clothes and the bags as well; we smell bad!!!!!

I took a shower and took off into the streets of Kathmandu to see what I could find to eat on the streets of Kathmandu around 9pm. I found a Pizza Hut, and then a bakery. I think I mentioned in
previous posts, the power goes off in the city from time to time, it did while I was walking home, so now I'm walking the streets of Kathmandu in total darkness for only the approaching vehicles and their headlights are illuminating the streets, and I'm not able to find my street to go home because its a total brownout over the whole city.

I eventually made a reasonable guess on the street to turn on after walking by it several times, and was correct to do so. I wasn't really scared, but knew it was time to get back to the hotel.

After breakfast Wongchu Sherpa took us to the hospital to see Alena, she is doing as well as can be in this situation. I'm staying with her until dinner at 7pm with the group, it's out final dinner together before some People depart in the morning.

More pictures:

Getting ready to leave Lukla to go to Kathmandu. Again, this flight is a "white Knuckle flight," the plane taxis down hill, and literally off a cliff. In the video, you can hear almost everyone on the 20-passenger plane go "whooooooo!"
As the plane lifts off. Our team leader grabs my hand as she tries really hard to not act scared; we heard they have about six crashes a year, I too am scared, but I just pray silently that it's going to be Okay.

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