Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10th/11th

The final day off the mountain we arrive in Lukla. Nepal, the beginning and the completion portion of the mountain trek for all Trekkers and climbers.

I had not eaten all day on the 10th because as I said before, high altitudes affect appetite. Alena had her accident, and we ended up helicoptering her out to Lukla then to Kathmandu of which I flew with her the first leg of the trip; missed lunch. Spent all day at the hospital in Lukla, no food for me still, and I'm getting cold at the hospital because I'm in a tee shirt and pants without the bottom leggings; I got into the helicopter with only what I had on while trekking. The first part of the morning I trekked with the team three hours over some very tough terrain, then had to trek back where the accident took place. Needless to say I was exhausted and hungry.

When I left the hospital to go shower, the hot water wasn't working so I took a cold shower at night and went out to celebrate with what was left of our team. Here it comes, they had to take me to the hospital in Lukla, because I apparently passed out. When I woke up, I had six doctors looking at me, they said I just passed out in the chair, and they laid me down. They all knew what was going on, but they wanted me to go to the hospital because my pulse was low. I yuwalked to the hospital in the middle of the night uphill, without a coat; note, no lights and up hill. They said they didn't want me to over heat, that's why they didn't put a coat on me while walking me to the hospital. I get to the hospital and the French doctor smiles and says, "weren't you just here earlier with your friend?"

They hook me up to an EKG machine, draw blood, and take my blood pressure while there are literally 9 people in the room all doctors except me. Of course they are joking, I have my shirt off with these electrode connections on my chest while watching my doctor colleagues taking pictures of me, weighing themselves on the scale to see how much weight they have lost, and one telling jokes and the nurses laughing along with the French doctor. I leave after two hours, Jim says, "your heart is as strong as an athletes, but you're dehydrated and your glucose is low." They give me some rehydration fluids and send me 30 minutes down the hill. If you're sick In this part of the world, be prepared to walk, And walk far up hill.

I'm doing fine, I was back on my feet the next morning for the day's event. It's definite now, my friend Alena has broken her back in the fall, we along with the hospital are trying to get her evacuated to Osaka, Japan by special plane from Kathmandu. She has been on her back since the accident on the 10th of April. I spend my day with her at the hospital, it has become complicated in terms of working with insurance companies trying to get them to Med-vac her to Japan. She of course is devastated and we all are concerned for her. What really is terrible about this situation, this happened in the last day down the mountain, the day we were to celebrate our accomplishment.

Like some on our team, I have a sunburned nose that has darkened because that was the most exposed part of me even though I put on sunscreen everyday, sometime three times a day. Because you're so high up, sunburn is a strong possibility. Also, because it's so cold at Base Camp, my finger tips have frozen, not frost bite, but since I've been off the mountain, the skin of my finger tips in both hands is tight, almost numb. The doctors on our team say that happens and it goes away with time, one doctor says she's had it since January. All in all, I'm doing great!, and know this is more than worth it to take on something bigger than myself. I hope I will become more of who I really am because of this, and will continue to grow, and going forward in living an authentic life.

The pictures below are me of me of course getting hooked up to electrodes by the nurse, please notice that she's wearing an 800 fill Down jacket while I have no shirt on, then the other shot is one of our team, the orthopedic surgeon who was exhausted himself and decided to lay down in the lobby, he too has his down jacket on!☀⛄

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